LIS Laundry Intelligent System

Remote management for your self-service laundry. Control your laundry wherever you are.


Thanks to LIS

Get data from your laundry in real time and control your machines.

Wherever you are, you can resolve incidents of your customers remotely, view the cash collected, manage your accounts and much more.



How does it work?

Everything works thanks to our LIS UNIT device.
Once connected to your machines, we will start to register and store all your uses and you will be able to act on them remotely.
Its size is equivalent to that of a conventional router.


The installation process is really simple. We simply have to connect the LIS UNIT device to your machines, connect it to your router and start enjoying all the advantages of LIS

Centralize all your systems

In addition to its main features, LIS allows you to centralize all your systems in a single platform:
* Control of opening and closing doors
* Control of lights

And for your clients?
A unique App!

Offer your customers an App through which they can:

Pay with your credit card (goodbye coins)
Receive discount coupons
View the status of the machines in real time (free, busy, time to finish the cycle)
Receive notifications from the owner
Submission of suggestions

Fully customizable.
Available for Android and iOS

More than 80 laundries guarantee us